Angela Maiorano-Thurston

angela maiorano thurston

Since birth, Angela Maiorano-Thurston knew she had a voice that needed to be heard. Yes, her voice is a little unusual and squeaky at times, but you always know it’s Angela’s distinctive trademark.

Her journey began when she pursued improv studies at the renowned The Second City in Toronto during the 1990s. Angela has since evolved into a seasoned stand-up performer, with a presence that has taken her on tours across North America. Her credits extend to numerous television commercials and both film and TV projects. These experiences have rendered Angela easily recognizable and have contributed substantially to her ongoing success.

A true comedic star and a force to be reckoned with, Angela’s humor is infectious. With an abundance of charisma, she can captivate audiences, leaving them chuckling for days on end. Witnessing Angela in action during a live performance promises an entertaining evening, during which you’ll learn things that might linger in your dreams—though, rest assured, you’ll find solace in newfound self-appreciation. Some might even consider it therapeutic!

Angela Maiorano-Thurston is a comedian you don’t want to miss. She has performed at the Edmonton Comedy Festival and Danforth Comedy Festival. Come watch her at her next Comedy Nuggets show.